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A Michigan-born company, Skilled Manufacturing's automotive roots are deep. We have spent the better part of three decades finding ways to help the automotive industry drive faster.


Today, SMI Automotive's employees specialize in high-volume, precision machining for drive train components, power steering brackets, oil pans and other automotive assemblies for many of the world's industry leaders.

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Automotive Division Automotive Division
Automotive Division

3680 Cass Road
Traverse City, MI
49684 USA

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SMI Automotive Video

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Automotive Products

Skilled Manufacturing expertly handles high-complexity assembly and manufacturing of automotive parts made from both ferrous and nonferrous materials. Some of those parts include:

  • CAM Cover
  • Engine Covers
  • Oil Tanks
  • Oil Coolers
  • Oil Filter Adapters
  • Oil Pans
  • Oil Filter Adapter Assemblies
  • Power Steering Pump Brackets
  • Supercharger Covers

Machines And Materials

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Automotive Certifications

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