Skilled Manufacturing, Inc.

Assembly & Test

In its four decades of operation, SMI has invested deeply into its assembly/test capabilities. Our technicians are certified to the highest industry standards, ensuring meticulous quality for both aerospace and automotive clients.

Lean is integrated in all we do, going beyond manufacturing to lean enterprise systems that have become a part of our culture and an important aspect of project management. High quality, best value and shortest value stream is our overall philosophy.

Lean events, held on the factory floor and in administrative offices, reduce inventories, lead times, turnaround, cycle times, and backlogs for increased productivity resulting in improved yield and faster & better customer service.

SMI’s volume capabilities range from under 10 to more than 3,300 parts per day. Each part is assembled and tested in a lean manufacturing environment, utilizing a mix of manual, manual-assisted and fully automated work cells.

Thank you to our Global Customers