About Aerospace Division

Drawing from our extensive automotive expertise, SMI Aerospace was created in 2008 to support the aerospace industry in its quest to fly higher. Today, employees are single-mindedly focused on aerospace engineering, project management and manufacturing excellence.

Reaching New Heights of Innovation

By applying process control, product control and low-volume, high-mix production standards to a new market, SMI Aerospace is successfully-and cost-effectively-serving the private jet, commercial airline and defense industries with precise, made-in America components.

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Aerospace Division Aerospace Division
Aerospace Division

2440 Aero Park Drive
Traverse City, MI
49686 USA

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SMI Aerospace Video

Watch "SMI manufacturing, assembling, and testing an Aerospace Component"

Aerospace Products

Skilled Manufacturing, Inc. provides many components to the aerospace industry.

Commercial Aircraft

  • Cabin Pressurization Manifold
  • Engine Shaft Lubrication
  • Fuel Pressurization Manifold & Levers
  • Auxiliary Power Unit Gearbox
  • Auxiliary Power Unit Gear Carrier

Business Aircraft

  • Front Frame
  • Inner & Outer Spinner
  • Seal Plate
  • Ignitor Grommets
  • Gearbox & Covers
  • Compressor Case
  • IGV Case
  • Bearing Housings

Military Aircraft

  • Fuel Control Bodies
  • Fuel Control Levers
  • Fuel Valve Bodies

Military Defense

  • Fuel Tubes
  • Hydraulic Tubes

Machines And Materials

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Aerospace Certifications

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